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Hello, we are Gumi+, a UK based chewable supplements and multivitamin brand. Developed and marketed by an enthusiastic and energetic team of professionals with a combined market experience of over seventy-five years backing us.

We are passionate and want to support a healthy life for our customers through our range of products. We have launched the brand in 2021 with five core products to meet the nutritional needs of the entire family. We are very excited about our healthy and tasty products and are looking forward to providing a satisfying customer experience to all our clients around the world.


If you love candies, but you are avoiding them just because they are unhealthy for you, you must give our gummy supplements a shot. These amazing tasteful chewable, vitamins have the same texture as gummy candies. These would give you some amazing benefits, along with the fulfilment of your cravings for candies.

Good health begins with a healthy gut. Eating whole foods enriched with vitamins and minerals helps your body build healthy gut flora. An optimal gut flora ensures your body’s healthy functions. In addition, your body can help you recover, heal, and protect itself when you provide it with all the essential nutrients that are not processed. We are providing all of that in a tasty Gummy to meet the health needs of the entire family.


Taste Good– Many of us understand the significance of vitamins, but we avoid them because they don't taste good. Adults might ignore the tastes and eat them considering their benefits. However, children cannot do that because a kid's first preference is taste, in most cases. That is where these colorful gummies do the work.

Maintain Consistency– Many products we come across in life are enjoyable at first but slowly, they start deteriorating. Gummy supplements are not like this. From the time a customer has opened the bottle to the time they have finished it. Their taste would remain the same.

Natural Ingredients– Another tremendous factor is that these flavorful and tasteful gummy supplements are made up of super beneficial ingredients that are 100% gelatin free and free from gluten.

Required Dosage– Each ingredient in each gummy supplement gives you the required amount of dosage, which will help you get the utmost advantage from each serving.

Maximum Level of The Vitamins– Elderly people may always prefer the traditional vitamins. However, if we draw a comparison between both types of multivitamins, the gummy supplements by Gumi+ Multivitamin give you the same amount of vitamins.

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